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The Certificate in Funeral Service

This qualification is offered to those working within the profession (at least 20 hour per week) and who are looking to gain an understanding and formal training in the basic aspects of funeral service.

Each candidate must register as a student member of the BIFD.

Classes are run locally by qualified tutors following a seven unit syllabus with tutor marked assessments after each unit. Students also need to complete reports on specified subjects and two written essays.

When the course is completed the students must do a 90 minute written assessment with a 60% pass mark. These written assessments are held locally twice a year at a venue arranged by tutors.

The BIFD presents successful candidates with The Certificate in Funeral Service.

This qualification is externally credited by Greenwich University at 30 credits at level four.

The Diploma in Funeral Service

Anyone who has successfully achieved the BIFD Certificate in Funeral Service or an equivalent qualification as set out in the BIFD guidelines, can go on to take this course. It consists of five modules - each has different numbers of units and on completion of each unit, a tutor marked assessment needs to be done, plus 10 reports on specified subjects and a 15 minute presentation given by the candidate on any subject covered in the course syllabus. There is a final examination which consists of a written paper (2.5 hours), an oral examination arranging a funeral with an examiner (1.5 hours) and an observation assessment on conducting a funeral.

To achieve this Diploma, students must achieve a minimum of 60% in all assessments, reports, the presentation and each element of the final examination. This qualification is externally credited by Greenwich University at 30 credits at level four.

Mapping Across
For those people who have had formal training or hold another qualification in the funeral profession, the BIFD offers a mapping system to their own qualifications. All current Accredited Prior Learning can be taken into account and count towards the BIFD suite of qualifications. A personalised training programme will be offered to each student depending on the APL they hold.

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