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Ensuring Professionalism

The Institute was founded on 6th February 1982 by a number of experienced funeral directors, each with an interest in education and sharing their knowledge with persons coming in to the funeral profession.

Over the past 35 years the BIFD has grown into one of the leading providers of education within the funeral service and its Diploma in Funeral Service is the highest qualification available to those within the profession. Indeed our mantra is 'Educating the Profession'.

Our qualified Tutors offer two courses: the Certificate in Funeral Service and the Diploma in Funeral Service. Both these courses are accredited by the University of Greenwich.

The BIFD strongly believes in the Continuing Professional Development of its members and those who choose to attain the required level of 12 hours annually become eligible for the Licence to Practice offered by the Institute.

With over 300 members nationwide, you can be assured there is a BIFD member close to you. "Look for the Licence".

BIFD Professional Certification

Should you suffer a bereavement, by choosing a funeral professional who is a member of the British Institute of Funeral Directors, you can be certain that you are choosing a competent and qualified practitioner - the best qualified professional in your area.

Intoduction to Funeral Service 2020

Following the success of the "Introduction to Funeral Service" in 2012, the BIFD has decided to relaunch the course at the end of 2020 and we are looking for presenters from amongst the BIFD. More details can be found here:

 Introduction to Funeral Service

Events & Meetings

Due to the current restrictions, all Regional Meetings are being held by virtual means. Please contact the Admin Team for details of the next meeting.

Joining the BIFD

For funeral professionals, membership of the BIFD is a reassurance to your clients of your training and ongoing commitment to providing the best quality service.

BIFD training courses are accredited with the University of Greenwich, gaining 60 Credits at Level 4 (the highest level for this type of course). These are the only funeral profession training courses in the UK whose credits can be used towards a full degree course, either at the University of Greenwich or one of their partner Universities.

Information on becoming a member can be found here:

 Joining the BIFD 

and information on BIFD training programmes is here:

 Education & Training

Membership renewals and CPD

Membership is now due for renewal - you can download the renewal form here:

 Membership Renewal 

The Continuing Professional Development record sheet can be downloaded here:

 CPD Record 

Accredited CPD Provider

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