British Institute Of Funeral Directors

The British Institute Of Funeral Directors

Welcome to the British Institute of Funeral Directors. Founded in 1982, we are one of the leading providers of education and Continuing Professional Development within the funeral profession. In addition to our CPD courses which enable practitioners to become eligible for the Licence to Practice offered by the Institute, we also provide two nationally recognised courses, the Certificate in Funeral Service and the Diploma in Funeral Service. Both courses are accredited by the University of Greenwich.

Our mantra is ‘Educating the Profession’. When you become a member of the BIFD, you can give your clients peace of mind about your qualifications and dedication to delivering an exceptional standard of service that is aligned with our Code of Ethics. If you would like to find out more about our training and membership, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our Top Courses

Introduction to Funeral Service

  • A Certificate of Participation is awarded by the Institute to all attendees.

Certificate in Funeral Service Course (Cert.F.S.)

  • This qualification is externally accredited by Greenwich University at Level 3.

Diploma in Funeral Service Course (Dip F.S.)

  • This qualification is externally accredited by Greenwich University at Level 4.

Why Join Us?

With over 300 nationwide members you can be certain that there are other like-minded practitioners nearby.

Gain access to accredited tutors and courses that lead to the highest nationally recognised University Accredited qualifications.

Attain your Licence to Practice which has become the recognised gold standard across the profession.

We hold AGMs, regional quarterly meetings and education sessions across the country, both in-person and virtually.

Our institute is run by professionals for professionals, so members can gain support from industry leaders.

Your membership will give your clients confidence that they are choosing a competent and licensed qualified practitioner.

All members support best practice and adhere to our Code Of Ethics.

Receipt of a regular newsletter as well as our own publication; The Journal - keeps you up to date on related news, events, and all the information you need.

The British Institute of Funeral Directors, B.I.F.D. is not a trade organisation but an Individual Membership Organisation, and as such we have no legal authority over any Funeral Directors Company regarding adherence to our Code of Ethics and our rules.

We do however, insist that our individual members adhere to this code and to our rules.  Should this not be the case then the Institute will investigate any complaints against the individual member concerned.

Contact The BIFD

For further information about our services and to learn more about the benefits of becoming a BIFD member, please get in touch. In addition to providing industry leading training and education, we offer a supportive environment to nurture our members.

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