About the BIFD

The British Institute of Funeral Directors is the very last Institute to have 'British' in its name.

It was established in 1982 by a group of funeral directors who believed in education and training for their profession; so that members of the public seeking to use the services of a funeral director should be able to choose wisely and get the best possible professional services on offer.

The BIFD places the educational and professional development needs of Funeral Directors at the heart of its work and promotes best practice through continual professional development.

The BIFD is run by professionals for professionals; the BIFD prides itself on responding to what individuals, companies and the funeral profession needs to best serve the bereaved, now and in the future.

By employing the services of a BIFD member, you can be sure they will be following our Code of Ethics, which all members have agreed to be bound by.

The BIFD Code of Ethics:

  • A Fellow and a Member will treat with respect each dead human body.
  • A Fellow and a Member will pledge a completely confidential relationship to those they are called upon to serve.
  • A Fellow and a Member shall not solicit funeral orders nor employ any person to do so on their behalf, nor shall they offer or give any reward for any recommendations.
  • A Fellow and a Member shall not conduct themselves at any time in a manner likely to prejudice their professional status as a Funeral Director or the reputation of the profession.